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Did NOT Plan for this, but it Happens

Today I was like “Why do dogs hate cats?” and knowing me I went to find out and I found out something bigger….

BEFORE I get into everything (!) I am putting down the wild/tame cat’s names, so I can use them!

  1. Midnight Sky AKA Midnight.
  2. Cheetoh.(Midnight’s (POSSIBLE  mate.)
  3. Finn. (My cat *w*)
  4. Maria. (Idk who her mate is, but she has had a litter.)
  5. Oreo. (Maria’s kitten (Probably))
  6. Zazo. (Most likey… Pr#####t -almost gives away story-)

Too many cats to name…


Today I saw Finn stareing down Cheetoh! I was about to go biking, so I was like I guess I could study these cats for a bit and maybe find out why dogs hate them! I watch Cheetoh disappear into a house’s yard AKA where Blue lives! 🙂 A few minutes later another cat came around Finn OF COURSE did not see her (Maybe it’s a him, but I think Girl)! I went to look at the cat closer. I knew this cat. Then I saw the weight and width of the cat! I thought “That is not a normal outdoor cat’s body shape”  I knew that something was up, because I saw this cat before and it was thiner! I followed the cat. I saw a hole in the ground which the cat went to. I knew it probaly went under the house that Zazo went to. I thought and thought… and at the end of the thinkingness I decided that the cat was pregnant. I turned around to get back to my house and I saw ANOTHER cat AKA Milky. I had a theory now. Zazo is Milky’s mate. I know another pair of cats which are Midnight and Cheetoh. Now Midnight and Cheetoh ARE MOST LIKELY siblings, BUT Zazo and Milky are a mating pair I think. Now I think Finn did not make red flags, BECAUSE Finn might HAVE known about what was going on!



12376621_10153530602396824_8175781420965975686_nOMG OMG OMG OMG FOSTER PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes we have some foster puppies from the SPCA!!!!

They are under weight for Spayed/Neutered so we are fostering them! 😀

The big problem is I woke up today at 4:30 to help them, because they were crying! 😦

I was happy to help the puppies though! There will be some pictures on my mom’s facebook!

Here is a link to it!

Happy Forever – Blue Heeler Update #4

Hi guys! I have some awesome news today!! P.S. I should of done this about 3-4 months ago…

Anyway BLUE GOT ADOPTED!!! I hope you guys remem……… FINN STOP CRYING I AM DOING A BLOG POST!!!

Sorry about that…..

What I was trying to say was…. I hope you guys remember Blue, or now know as Brownie!

Yes I am talking about the Blue Heeler dog that came to our streets looking for food and a life to live… Just me ok…….   Anyway he got ADOPTED!!!

By one of our neighbors. So I get to see Blue/Brownie every day well almost every day!

I talked with the owner a little and she said she can not get a leash on Brownie/Blue!


So I want to know what you think about Blue/Brownie’s fear of leashes is made of.

Here is what I think “Brownie/Blue was abused with a rope or even a leash from his old owner who just got so sick of Brownie/Blue and kicked him to the streets,” The reason I say abused with a rope or leash is because he has problems with ropes/leashes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and soon I might post a photo of Brownie/Blue in his new home!

Our famous Stray!

Blue The Stray Dog Update#3

Sup guys. It’s Carrie with a update on Bluey Blue. AKA Blue The Stray Dog. This is the good news blue got pretty close to me and my mom so by the end he was following us for HAM


HAM PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he also likes Squeaky TOYS!!!  Anyway you must be thinking “why did’t you lead blue in your backyard!!!!??????????” Because we need to bond so he won’t be as scared. Here are some photos of blue the dog.


This is Blue when we were treating him to HAM!!!!


Blue here is following us for HAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Heeler! Update#2

Hi guys!! Oops I forgot to change my writing to blue!! There we go! Ok guys so you should know from the title what this blog post is about!! The Blue Heeler! And I have very very good news! The Blue Heeler AKA Blue came up to me but I was about 5 or 6 feet away!! so that means maybe Blue likes me!! And maybe I can some how get Blue into my backyard!! Now in this post I have a real photo of Blue!! so take a look!!!! After you read the post!!! so I am sure that blue is a boy and that Blue is afraid of dogs and most people. Here is some bad news;(. sadly Blue has still no home that I know of. And here is something interesting there are some new stray dogs!! And no Blue is not part of there pack. One of the new strays my mom saw was a big fluffy white dog I forgot what I think the breed of that dog is but the stray dog is surely must be soft with all that fluffy fur!! And the other one seemed to be Pit Bull mix. I hope you guys enjoyed this update, and I will see you guys later!


This is Blue the real stray in our paws!!

About That Mystery Dog


You guys probably remember Cloudstorm. Guess what? She didn’t get adopted 😦

Just kidding! She DID get adopted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She got adopted by a friend of our neighbor. I think it’s fantastic!

In the next post, we will give you updates about our dogs at Red Collar Rescue– Kason, Dolores, and Marlowe.

K-9 Kid Rescue Rules


Hi guys.  Today I’m going to teach you about k-9 kid rescue rules. So if you have a dog rescue center these are the big big big rules if you are going to get on my blog. 1. Your rescue center needs to be no kill. 2. Then if you post something about your rescue center. and  my parents will hopefully will find it.Carrie Pup Squad 811 026