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Escapist Lab Dog

What is up, guys! It’s me Carrie! And something I have to say. There is a newish Lab here in my neighborhood.  The problem is that the Lab keeps Escaping!  The dog so far is harmless. I have been in one encounter with the Lab, and Cody my dog was involved. So here is the story.

I was walking Cody down the street and all the sudden the big fat Lab appeared and started to bark. Cody and me turned around and walked home, and I never saw the Lab outside his fence. Until now.

That is so far the whole story. So in honor of the Lab’s escaping skills we will call the Lab Houdini.


This is a Dog that looks like a Lab



Carrie-“Ahh the smell of getting ready for  HALLOWEEN! “

Scout-“ Hey what about us!!”

Carrie-“you know Scout you are correct! you need to have some halloween time too!”

Scout-“Finally!! Now i want a cool Costume!”  

Carrie-“How about a bunny, clown, Nyan Cat, or a cop!”

Scout-“NO WAY!! i want a cool costume not a bunny!”

Carrie-“Hmm how about Valdemort from Harry Potter”

Scout-“Now you’re talking!”

                                       I hope you guys enjoy me and scout

                                                                Thinking about