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The Big Competition

Hello, guys!  As you know, there’s a big competition coming up. Just as a little reminder, teach your dog one trick that I taught Scout in a Training Treats video. Scout and I will be judging, and Scout has a special trick she will do if the video is O.K. Send in a video. You have one week to make your video and submit it to my parents. Good luck in the upcoming competition!

Art by Paul Thurby

Art by Paul Thurby


K-9 Question 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello guys. Today Rosa asked me about her 1 year old German shepherd  who hides her other dog’s toys. Here’s my advice. Her breed of dog is a working breed. So this is what you need to do. An hour walk every day and going to the dog park does not count at all!!!!!!!!!!! Then after your walk do some mental challenges like teach her tricks. Also make her work for food. So when you wake up get out her leash and walk! and this is before you and her eat. Your dog is not being mean she is just bored. Guess what scout did this when she was a puppy so you are not alone. Ps. you can look on how to teach your dog tricks by looking for  training treats videos. you can also enter a dog trick contest if you want just look for Dogs are good but tricks are awesome. Bye.