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Scout could feel it. Some instinct was telling her. It was pulling at her screaming. RUN! RUN! RUN! It was kind of creepy.

“Lucky.” She yipped. “Yes”  “There is danger here. We have to get out of here.”

The problem was that Lucky and Scout couldn’t get out. They were in a place where dogs without uprights are taken.

Scout sighed. She had not liked this place the moment she walked in. She had disliked it so much that if I had to list all the reasons, it would take up a whole book. Scout studied the lock on her cage. She got bored of this after a while and decided she would have to ignore her instinct and go to sleep. Just then a man walked into the room. Scout froze and tried to look as un-cute as possible. She made an ugly face and prepared to pee in her cage if she had to. Her heart started to thump as he walked closer. She had seen this happen before. An upright would walk into the room, look around a while, and take a dog away, never to be seen again. He looked back and forth and then walked out of the room.

Scout let out a breath that she seemed to have been holding for a very long time. She thought, there’s no danger. Nobody will take me. She thought this over and over again, trying to push the disturbing instinct to the back of her head.

Then one of the uprights who worked there came with two doom-ropes. He put one over Scout’s head. She knew this routine very well. The upright would put the doom-ropes over the dogs’ heads and take them for walks around the building. He put the other one over Lucky’s head. The upright walked them out of the building.

As they walked out Scout could smell the scent of gasoline and forest nearby. Her pace quickened. She wanted to get away from this upright. She ached to get away. She slid over to Lucky and said, “When I say Go, pull as hard as you can on the doom-rope. One, two, three, GO!”

Scout pulled harder than she ever had before, harder than she had when the uprights first brought her to the death building. She pulled so hard that the upright let go, and she tore off into the woods with Lucky close behind.

by Pearl, age 8