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5 pack of new stray dogs killed chickens!

Carrie: There was a big death of  chickens! a pack of  dogs attacked–

Pearl: whoa whoa whoa shouldn’t  we say the chickens prayer?

Carrie: we will do it after.

Pearl: nooooooooo  we do it now!

Carrie: hold on, people, we will be back.

Bam boom pow crash!

Carrie: ok sorry for that. there was a little incident. there will be a video later of the chickens prayer. now back to the story. in the pitch black there was a attack of stray dogs. they crawled under a fence of our neighbors house. dun dun dun! they were a perfect fit like my dog scout. they saw the chickens and they started to lick their lips. then they pounced as high as the moon and then ripped them limb by limb and ate them.

Pearl: can we please please please do the prayer now?

Carrie: i’m trying to do the details here. can’t you see that

Pearl: well it’s taking so long.

Carrie: okay, okay, we will do the bible now. by the way this whole story was told to me by elise who lives with baxter and simon.

The Prayer to the Chickens

Oh, say can the chickens be alive

Oh, chickens be alive in heaven

We miss you with all our hearts and your eggs too

but the dogs have you in their tummies so

thanks for giving your lives for hungry animals.

By Carrie, age 8