Monthly Archives: April 2014

New Mystery Dog

This morning I got a call from a friend who used to live near us. They moved a few streets away. She called because she had a DOG MYSTERY. This is what happened. She found a puppy just tied up to her porch and there was a mystery  note. Here it is.


She didn’t know who left it, but they said they had looked her up on google. That’s weird!  The puppy was eating her aloe plant so she might have gotten thorns in her throat!! She growled and got tangled up in her rope and was scared. My friend took away the plant and gave her treats and water. Finally, she got the dog into her back yard to play with the one-and-only sweet Rosie, who was also a rescue dog who got hit by a car.

When we got to her house the puppy seemed to be shy around us at first. She is white like white chocolate and maybe is part lab. She likes to play and is fast for a puppy. She is graceful like the wind and is very curious. I saw her looking for beer in the cooler. Her soul is gentle like a coyote howling. If you want to foster or adopt this cute puppy tell me now. I named her Cloudstorm. We need your help!!!! You can visit her if you want.Cloudstorm



Update on Red Collar Rescue DOGS

Red Collar Rescue has many adorable dogs for you and your friends to adopt! Right now! If you adopt one of their dogs, I will give a PRIZE for your new dog.

Now here is the update on Kason and Daloris, plus I am adding a new dog called Marlowe that needs a forever home. And if you can foster one of these, just tell me. They will fit into your family great.

If you remember, Kason is a yellow lab. He is a boy who is already 50 pounds, has lots of energy, smiles at you, and has nice teeth!  He is jumpy and will try to sit in your lap even though he is so big. He wants to love you and needs someone to play with him. Here is Kason kissing my sister.

Kason 2

Now for Daloris. Daloris is an Australian cattle dog and pointer mix. She weighs 40 pounds. This is a girl with LOTS of freckles and one cute, orange eyebrow. This week she seemed a little more relaxed and wagged her tail more. Still, she is shy and sometimes hangs her head like she needs a friend. She needs someone to make her feel safe.


Now it is time for the magnificent Marlowe. He is 4 years old and weighs 58 pounds. He’s a German Shepherd and hound dog mix. It turns out that his nose was not working that well on the day I met him because he couldn’t find the treat I had!! He tilts his head to look at you when you show him a treat. He adores them! He’s so happy with nice eyebrows and soulful eyes. His tail curls like the letter “C,” which is the first letter in my name! He has a pink tongue that hangs out when he pants. He is sweet like a brother.