Monthly Archives: June 2015

K-9 Questions 2!!!

Oh hi guys.  Terry asked me if i could help her when her dog sky barks at cars and bikes. Well if your dog is a herding breed then that just means that they’re herding the cars. So the first thing to do if you are only going to the dog park make sky tired and then get in the car when sky is relaxed.  If she does bark get her in the front seat so you can correct her with a firm tug on the leash or say cht and snap your fingers and make cht sound like you mean business and be calm and assertive. This might not work if it does not work tell me


Dogs Are Good But Dog Tricks are Awesome

Hellooooooooooooooooo guys. You all have probably seen some of my dog tricks i have taught Scout. Well i have a competition for you guys!! Who ever is able to teach their dog all the tricks i have taught Scout they get a game card and a toy for their dog. Send a video for proof!

ps. Sit and down is not a trick it is a basic command but things like crawl or rollover is a trick!      Bye.


Training Treats 5: Tunnel

Hey, guys. How’s your training going? If you’ve mastered the first four Training Treats, here’s a new one. Scout is demonstrating TUNNEL!