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eye of dogs

most dogs have brown eyes like a black lab! and a ridge back!  huskies have blue eyes!  now I’m sorry  that im the onlye one typing. im sorry  that we end this                         age 7 by carrie


New Dog – With a Collar?

Today and I mean today I saw well my mom, Marcia, Pearl, and me – saw

a dog with no person but with a collar. It was a white terrier with black

spots and it was in my front yard. I was thinking about writing the

color of the dog’s eyes, but it seems like we have a mystery dog on

our page. Looks like I’ll have to write that next. I bet you guys are

probably wondering about this. The only reason we saw this dog is

because Scout barked and barked. Finally we saw it. Scout saw it first,

then Pearl, then Mom, then me. Guess what? I have some sad news.

One of our K-9 Kid Rescuers, Pearl, hurt her foot and she had to skip

swim practice. So it’s just me writing.

Now I’m not going to forget all about the stray dog – or should I say

Owned? This dog was strange. We tried to catch it, but it ran away.

So I guess we can’t its find its owner. There’s not much left to say.

I’ll tell you a joke.

Why was the sea embarrassed?

Because all of the fish and swimming creatures could see its bottom!

I will send pictures of our dogs and Pearl and me in my next blog post.


by Carrie, age 7

love dog scout

guess what! our dog  scout our youngest dog  fell in love with our

friend Will. I can prove it. Guess what? She kissed him on the lips.

Twice! And I mean it. If you don’t know who Scout is, here is her picture:

Photo1 (4)

Scout, for heaven’s sake, Stop Barking! I’m trying to type!

Sorry for that, Scout’s a little naughty sometimes.

Anyway, Scout kissed a boy. I thought she would be a double-timing cheater. I really

like Scout but she chases squirrels and cats and birds. I wouldn’t want to be her


HEY! Sorry I have to deal with “you know who”

Me: Now you wait this one second, young lady. Sit! Now!

Scout: No! I will not do anything!


Sorry I had to chase Scout into the crate in the back room.

I still can’t believe she kissed Will.

by Carrie, age 7