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Dog that might have pups?

Hello!  Are you cold?  Well, I know something that could warm you up.  A fresh new story from K-9 Kid Rescue!

Wild dog picture

When we were driving home from our swim lessons, we saw out our car window two mysterious dogs.  The first one was a girl with golden fur. She had wrinkles on her forehead.  My sister Pearl said, “I think she has puppies.”  She might have mange because she was missing most of her fur.  We saw her duck under our friend’s house.  The people in that house might be feeding her. Then we saw another dog when we got out of our car.  It looked like this gold dog had bobbed tail.  If you don’t know what that means, Carrie and Pearl from K-9 Kid Rescue will tell you!  A bobbed tail means that it’s docked, which means they don’t have a long tail like a German Shepherd. This dog’s tail looks like a bunny’s. I didn’t get a good look at his face though.

To make it easier to write about them, I’ll call the girl Leaper and the boy Playful.

Hey, guys! Did I say Pearl noticed Leaper might have puppies? If I get to see her again, I will check to see if she has nipples. Nipples means that she has things hanging down from her tummy that might have milk in them. If I do see them ever again, I will tell you if she has puppies or not.

If we do see these dogs again, we will call Pup Squad or Friends for Life. If I see them again, I will let you know. I will search for paw prints in the ground, especially in the dirt ground.

I hope you like this production of K-9 Kid Rescue.

by Carrie, age 6