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back to old times with Dogs

photo by Carrie

one   day    out    of      no    where    came      A      Dog    it  was   A    boxer  with     A     other     puppy.   probably      you   know   which

puppy      this     is its   spots   if    you     are        familiar with this dog, this is how we found him.

by Carrie, age 6


Boxer and Spots
photo by Carrie


Super Big Puppies and Dogs Adoption

I went out for frozen yogurt with my moms. At the pet supply store next door, they were holding a pet adoption. If you live in Houston, you should check out these pups!


This dog is named Rio. Rio is a kind-hearted dog. She loves being with her family and other friends. Rio loves people, and I hope she’s a good dog for everybody.


Moss and Prairie are two sisters. They were left at a dumpster with their brothers. They are sweet-hearted. Moss is the one close up; Prairie is the one far away. I hope they are good dogs for everybody and their family and everybody around.


These dogs are triplets. JOKE! They aren’t brothers or sisters. They are very, very nice–sometimes noisy, sometimes not. Their names are Spark, Bugsy, and Tyco.