Monthly Archives: November 2012

Strange World of Dogs

In this neighborhood every time you think that every single stray dog has disappeared, POP!  A new dog comes in! And guess what? We saw one today.

Here’s how we found the dog. When we were going to gymnastics, we were on a busy road. We saw it there. It was white and black, probably a mix of a Jack Russell and pointer. I’ve got to say, he was medium-little size. That’s all we know about him so far, but we might find another dog who has more of a story. Or we may find that dog again. So keep your eye on K-9 Kid Rescue! POP! You just got another K-9 Kid story in your head!

by Carrie, age 6


A Tip about Teaching Dogs to “Jump”

Watch this video of a dog jumping over a hurdle. If you’d like to teach your dog to jump, you’ve got to work with treats. The commands are HEEL [your dog’s name] and then JUMP!

PS That’s my sister Pearl at the end. She’s not so good a cheering leader.

by Carrie, age 6