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Painted Sunset

Painted Sunset (Photo credit: dragon762w

Hi, I’m  Sunset.

Hey  kids  do you  want  to  here  my story?   Well it all started  when I was a  puppy.

My  mom  was watching  me and my brothers and sisters and that was when I saw  pink and blue and red and  orange.

It was the most beautifulest  thing  I ever  saw.

I  ran  to  my  mom  she  said  that  it  was a sunset and  that  is  how  I  got  my  name.

I  don’t  think  that  you  guys  want the  most  dangerous  story  I  remember.

You do?

OK  but  don’t  say  that  I did not warn  you.

I  got  to  admit  I was  scared.

I   was  racing   and   then  out   of    no  where   came   the   blue birds!

But the blue birds were not birds, they were dogs. It was the other team’s names.

Now let’s get back to the subject.

They came closer and closer, but    luckily  I  won. They   said   they would   get   their   revenge   and   they   did.   the  only   problem     was that  their                   revenge  was   ME!

So I have to say that was the scary part of my life.

How they got revenge was a little bit kind of awkward.

This big competition was coming up, and they weren’t even in it.

I guess they wanted me and my team to miss out on the biggest day of our lives because we were going to be in the Olympics if we won.

I was held–I guess I could say–prisoner because I heard them say they were going to send me to a rock farm.

Guess what? There was one tiny problem. When they said, “Ready to hit the rock farm?” I kind of went bonkers.

I pulled way to hard on the chains and I broke free.

But — ambush time! One of them jumped on my back and he said, “You’re not going anywhere.”

I said, “Oh yeah?”

I said, “I said hey look, there’s a bluebird.”

When he looked up, I kicked him right in the face.

I started running but another ambush came up.

Bluebird attack–this one was stronger and more fierce.

Plus very hard to trick.

So I guess I was in the doghouse.

I was in big big trouble.

It seemed like he wasn’t going to give up, this dog.

So I decided to do what dogs do.

I kicked him with my hind legs.

It was very–let’s say–hard to do this because I’m practically kicked him with my hind legs.

I sprained my front paw jumping over hurdles when I was trying to run away.

I started bleeding. There was no vet so I felt like this was the end of the world.

Then I found out something that probably would be the end of the world.

I found a GPS. It said 200435 horses were coming at me at full tilt!

The stallion was beautiful!

He was all black with a white star on his forehead.

I found it was actually a girl horse leading the herd.

Then I saw a herding dog. She looked exactly like me.

I recognized her immediately.

Cloud dancer? I said.

Sunset, is that you? she said.

Yes, I said. How can we avoid that stampede coming at us right now?

Watch this, sister, said Cloud Dancer. She did three back flips and landed on the horse behind the stallion.

I did three back flips in a row and landed on the stallion.

She bucked like crazy!

by Carrie, age 7dog_playing_on_beach_at_sunset_4966