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K-9 Questions

Hey guys. whats up. Just recently  Weezie Macky  posted a comment that said that i should make a advice column. Well i am going to make a advice column for people  and the first question to be answered is Weezie Macky. Her lab is messing up her other labs in there training. Well i have two answers  for Weezie Macky. 1. Work on your puppy’s stay and after he learns to stay. Before you start to train your other labs try saying stay to him and then try to train. 2. If number one dose not work try puting him on a leash and do a lose knot on a object that he pull away and then tell him to stay and start your training. ps Weezie Cody will also interfere with my training.  pps to have a question answered just do a comment or tell my parents on          facebook

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Training Treats 4


In our 4th Training Treats video, learn how to teach your dog the CRAWL command. Your pet will have to know the DOWN command already to do this one.

A Horse With A Dog

Hey guys I’m  back from Training Treats. Lately I’ve been taking the one and only Cody to where i ride horses. We call the ranch the barn. Cody is not the best dog in the world with horses. I mean my trainer has two dogs that will just go up to the horses and say hello, but Cody usually cries. Today he got an A+ because he sniffed three horses. I think if I keep taking him he will finally get used to the fact that horses aren’t going to kill him. The funniest thing that happened so far is Cody was sniffing the ground and a horse put his head over the fence and Cody looked up and there was the horse’s face right in his!  We are going to take Scout soon to the barn, and we hope it will go good. Our old dog Jake used to be so terrified that he would run off into the sunset if he saw horses. Tragic! tragic!