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One Sweet Derby

Hey Guys! As you might have heard, I have started Puppy Recruits. If you’re new on my blog, scroll down and you will find out more and “meet” some of the recruits.

Today we have one sweet dog to introduce to you. The person who owns this dog is actually my aunt. Her name is Rachel. I see her 2 or 3 times a year. Aunt Rachel is owner, but we need to talk about the dog! The dog is in the spotlight. Give a big round of applause to Derby! Do you want to know why he’s called Mr. Derby? Aunt Rachel adopted him on the day of the Kentucky Derby race. So don’t be surprised if he’s from Kentucky!

I want you to meet this dog, so now, here’s the one, the only, Mr. Derby!




Birthday Dogs!!!!!!!!!

Happy birthday Cody!! Hey guys if it is your dog’s birthday, buy snoopy’s organic dog biscuit cookbook kit. Over 25 recipes!!  So your dog has a happy birthday. ps  I’m not advertisingGirls and Dog

New Puppy Recruits

Hey guys. Today we have new puppy recruits. They are my mom’s friends and their names are Jack and Long. Long has two dazzling shitzus with eyes as big as baseballs. Or Long might say as big as Mars. Jack has a   mix, and trust me, I believe that my dog Scout and his dog Parker are soul mates. Parker crosses her legs like a proper lady as a mask of destruction. If you want to be a puppy recruit, send me a picture or video of your DOG! Maybe your dog will become a celebrity on my blog.     Kirby and Griffin Parker

Dogs Are Smart But They Barely Ever Show It

Photo1 (4)Hey, Guys. Today I have a TRUE story. First, I want to say I’m sorry I haven’t posted that much. I just got back from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and my sister had a five-day swim meet. I’m super busy, but I will still keep posting on K-9 Kid Rescue.

The TRUE story is about Scout, my mischievous little monkey, aka my very strange puppy dog. It all started when we just got Scout. We had just gotten settled in our new house, and we decided we wanted a new little friend from Cody. You probably remember Cody, my four-year old black lab mix. Our  first day leaving Scout was because we had to got to the dentist. We left her on her own in the back yard. She got out of yard, and when we returned home, Scout was on the front porch looking innocent as ever.

We put up “video cameras” to see what Scout was doing. We looked at the tapes and found out that she was digging under the fences that led under the house. From under the house, she went into the front yard and out into the world.

We decided to replace the fences around our house with stones. Then Scout started digging a big hole under our gigantic pine tree. She is still digging that hole to this day. If you find Scout in your yard, you can assume that her hole is complete!

PS I’m thinking about trying to make K-9 Kid papers for all the Cute Recruits so keep your eyes open.

by Carrie, age 8