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Doggy Dibs



I welcome the new series DOGGY DIBS! 

THE FIRST THINGY IS ABOUT BAKING!  DOG TREATS ARE HERE! The dog treats are made out of peanut butter, graham crackers, and bananas! Yummy! I know what you are thinking, “My dogs hates bananas.” NO PROBLEM AS LONG AS YOUR DOG LOVES PEANUT BUTTER! 😀 GO GET THAT FOODDDD! YOUR DOG IS STARVING!

Step one: Get one knife, peanut butter, grand crackers, and bananas.

Step two: Crack off some of the cracker. It should be about an inch wide and an inch long. After that crack that piece and try to make it even.

Step three: Cover the grand cracker with peanut butter.

Step four: Slice the bananas thin, so your dog does not choke and place the bananas on the peanut butter!



Your dog might spit out the treat, but then try to eat it again. I suggest making them kind of small, so your dog can eat it without a problem! 😀


This is what the treat looks like! 😀



Update and a NEW series!

Hi guys! It’s has been a while since I did  post! I am sorry, but let’s forget that stuff and say what’s happened! First: The foster kitten May and her brothers ADOPTED!!!! PARTYY!!      Second: Training Treats is on hold, because Scout might not have the abilities to limp. Third: I am thinking about a different logo for K-9 Kid Rescue! That’s all of the news I can think of for now.. WAIT!
I FORGOT! O_O  Scout Whisper: “Ruff ruff!! -barks-,” Oh… So that’s not happening?              -Scout barks- No, no, no, NO! We will NOT do that IDEA!!! -Scout growls- Scout  we can do that idea LATER. -Scouts howls and barks- OKAY!!! CHILL MRS. BARKSALOT!                       Okay… Scout told me tell you about a new series coming called… What’s it called Scout?      -Scout barks- Two letters Scout N O! We can do the show just not not called that! I mean Potty Time with Scout!? IT’S NOT ABOUT THAT!!! Even though that is an idea… Anyway the new show is about reviewing dogs things! 😀 Tell me what the name should be!