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K-9 Kid Rescue Rules


Hi guys.  Today I’m going to teach you about k-9 kid rescue rules. So if you have a dog rescue center these are the big big big rules if you are going to get on my blog. 1. Your rescue center needs to be no kill. 2. Then if you post something about your rescue center. and  my parents will hopefully will find it.Carrie Pup Squad 811 026


Red Collar! and Meet Dolores and Kason

Hey guys now stop every thing that you are doing! and say hello to red collar

The dogs that I’m going to tell you about need a forever home.  Red collar is a place where you can rescue dogs, and I will be introducing two dogs,  Dolores and Kason. 

This is Kason. Kason is a happy dog, and he is a yellow lab. He loves affection and would love the park! He would be good with supervised kids. Happy with every one,  he is a good size, and he looks like a biscuit. He has nice eyes too.



Now it is time for Dolores to take the spot light, and here she is!



Dolores loves affection. She is shy and sweet and a couch potato.  She would be good with a family that likes to take walks too. She looks like a springer Spaniel. She is one year old too. If you’d like to foster or adopt either Kason or Dolores, contact Red Collar Rescue.

How to train a dog number 2

Hi guys. Did you have a good time training your dog? So  hope you guys are ready for training. So this time i is all about laying down. So get your dog to sit and then say down. Then put the treat on the floor and still have it in your hand. Good luck. Here is a picture of a dog laying

How to train your dog number 1

Hey guys. If you are going to train your dog. Then get a drink and sit. Now the first thing you need to teach your dog is to sit. So get a lot of teats. Now turn to your dog and say sit and lift your hand up. You might want a hand to push the dog’s butt down. Now there will be a picture down of a dog siting.scout

Shout out

Hey guys tell your family to go to k9 kid rescue. thanks. ps it can be any one.robin iphone 812 066                                                                                                  please tell people about k9 kid rescue!

A new world!

This post is for the winner of Super Monday. Caroline said I could write about what a puppy feels when he is adopted.

Wild dog picture

Hi  my name is Ace. I’m a white German Shepherd and lab mix. My mom was gentle and  strong. She was nice too. but I have no idea where she is right now. I feel a bit sad.

Look! look  people! Maybe one will adopt me! Look one is getting closer! She’s picking me up! She’s going to take me home!

I’m adopted! Wow look at that house! It is very big! It will take me a hour to smell all of it.

Later that day. Huh, why did the lights go out? it can’t be bed time yet. Hey, look the girl is coming toward me!

Don’t worry puppy it is only a storm.  BOOM BOOM BOOM. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What in the world was that?!  Find a place to hide self! Look a shoe! I’ll hide in there!

10 minutes later. tick tock tick tock.

Honey! I found the puppy in my shoe.

I’ll get her, Dad. I know what the puppy’s name should be. Ace. Time to introduce Ace to our other dog Gold.

Hi my name is Gold. My name is ace.

Ace, you are my sister. Cool! Let’s play tug a war! ok ace. I’m the winner said ace! I love my home. I love you  said gold. I love you too said ace.

And the family lived happily ever after (except the dad stepped in dog poop and was never the same again.

a pure bred Rhodesian Ridgeback

We have a winner for super monday!

Thank you everyone for doing super monday! This week’s winner is  

Caroline! She rescues dogs too! She is a friend of my mom and she is a very nice woman. Caroline you will soon get a prize! And i will be writing a story based on her comment.Pup Squad's Pups                                                                                                                                      go Caroline go!                                            

Healthy foods for your dog

IMG_0440You guys must feed your dog dog food. But what else can you feed your dog? You can feed your dog a apple or carrots! But never feed your dog grapes or nuts. They can make your dog choke! Ps don’t  feed your dog shoes!

The first ever super monday!

Pup Squad's PupsHey guys, welcome  to super mondays!  now you guys are probably  wondering how super mondays work. well it goes  like this you send in a video or  a comment  for a idea for a story! if you win you will  get mentioned.

me and my dog Scout

pearl and scout