Monthly Archives: February 2014

on the hunt for chocolate and misty and brown sugar

Hey guys you probably know it cold last night and  probably you read my post last night. Now brown sugar might have had puppies so they must be cold if they were born! my mom will take me out to look for them. by carrie age 8


3 new stray dogs!

Hey guys guess what there is three new dogs here. I named them. There will be a picture of them down below.3 Stray Dogs
The misty ones name is Misty and the black and brown ones name is Chocolate and the light brown and white ones name is brown sugar. Brown Sugar is a mom because she has nipples! we followed them for 15 minutes. But we could not find the babys. Here is a video of them running in front of some houses near ours.

my dog has a puppy and she is fixed!

hi guys  right now im either eating a wafle or   observing  my dog because she had a puppy and she is fixed!!!!!!

i know that is strange. how did she have a puppy?  how about  we guess.

a she is not fixed?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
b it is a stufft animal?

ho look the answer is………………………… B! 


ps guys i will soon post a video! by carrie age 8