Manners Before Charm

2017-05-10 07.47.23Hey guys. Today we are talking about a serious subject– MANNERS

For dogs, manners are a must in many cases. Here are four basic manners your dog should know.





If you are already a pro and are like “Yeah, bro, my dog is perfect he/she knows all these cool tricks, and she learned manners ages ago,” don’t get ahead of yourself. I used to be like that too until I noticed Scout was having trouble with her “sit” command. It would take her a bit to get it, so I had to go backwards in training. Now Scout has refreshed her memory and is working on manners and tricks every day for 5-10 minutes.

ALWAYS work on your basic manners in training and also challenge your dog once they have it teach them to stay standing or ask them to come the stop!

Have fun training!


Two New Foster Pups

I am caring for two new foster puppies. Meet them now!

A Jumping Class?? An Idea that Could Change Your Mental Relationship with Your Dog

Hey guys! 🙂 I had a great idea about doing videos for you on dog obedience, but that did not work out… AKA, OUR IPHONES DON’T HAVE ENOUGH SPACE FOR VIDEOS! -.-

 A few days ago I was bored, so I decided to do some jumping with my dogs. Let me tell you, Cody has NO RESPECT FOR POLES and when I say “POLES” I mean pool tools! XD The pool tools, like net skimmers on long poles, are fine, though, and they make a bit more room for jumping than the typical agility poles, which are shorter! 🙂

I have been doing a jumping course with my two dogs for 4 days. Today I thought, “Wow! After 4 days of work, SCOUT will jump over things like a dog that has been training in agility for years!”

This gave me an idea. I thought, “Wouldn’t it be fun to do a demo CLASS for dog lovers to see what it is possible to teach their dogs?” Any breed of dog could do this from the tiniest chihuahua to the biggest Great Dane to even the least “favorite” breeds (#Pitbulllover4life). 

I am telling you that you will be amazed at how much you will learn about your dog by teaching them to jump! I now know so much more about SCOUT! I realized how consistent my dog Scout is and how much she likes to please someone and how loyal she is. I feel like I had never known her until now, even though I have taught her lots of tricks! Agility training is good for the owner too. I was feeling a little down and depressed, but when I started this training program I felt a lot better and so does my dog.

Look out for announcement soon about a DEMO class!

Did NOT Plan for this, but it Happens

Today I was like “Why do dogs hate cats?” and knowing me I went to find out and I found out something bigger….

BEFORE I get into everything (!) I am putting down the wild/tame cat’s names, so I can use them!

  1. Midnight Sky AKA Midnight.
  2. Cheetoh.(Midnight’s (POSSIBLE  mate.)
  3. Finn. (My cat *w*)
  4. Maria. (Idk who her mate is, but she has had a litter.)
  5. Oreo. (Maria’s kitten (Probably))
  6. Zazo. (Most likey… Pr#####t -almost gives away story-)

Too many cats to name…


Today I saw Finn stareing down Cheetoh! I was about to go biking, so I was like I guess I could study these cats for a bit and maybe find out why dogs hate them! I watch Cheetoh disappear into a house’s yard AKA where Blue lives! 🙂 A few minutes later another cat came around Finn OF COURSE did not see her (Maybe it’s a him, but I think Girl)! I went to look at the cat closer. I knew this cat. Then I saw the weight and width of the cat! I thought “That is not a normal outdoor cat’s body shape”  I knew that something was up, because I saw this cat before and it was thiner! I followed the cat. I saw a hole in the ground which the cat went to. I knew it probaly went under the house that Zazo went to. I thought and thought… and at the end of the thinkingness I decided that the cat was pregnant. I turned around to get back to my house and I saw ANOTHER cat AKA Milky. I had a theory now. Zazo is Milky’s mate. I know another pair of cats which are Midnight and Cheetoh. Now Midnight and Cheetoh ARE MOST LIKELY siblings, BUT Zazo and Milky are a mating pair I think. Now I think Finn did not make red flags, BECAUSE Finn might HAVE known about what was going on!


Hey guys! Today I am going to teach your dog how to jump! 😀



Doggy Dibs



I welcome the new series DOGGY DIBS! 

THE FIRST THINGY IS ABOUT BAKING!  DOG TREATS ARE HERE! The dog treats are made out of peanut butter, graham crackers, and bananas! Yummy! I know what you are thinking, “My dogs hates bananas.” NO PROBLEM AS LONG AS YOUR DOG LOVES PEANUT BUTTER! 😀 GO GET THAT FOODDDD! YOUR DOG IS STARVING!

Step one: Get one knife, peanut butter, grand crackers, and bananas.

Step two: Crack off some of the cracker. It should be about an inch wide and an inch long. After that crack that piece and try to make it even.

Step three: Cover the grand cracker with peanut butter.

Step four: Slice the bananas thin, so your dog does not choke and place the bananas on the peanut butter!



Your dog might spit out the treat, but then try to eat it again. I suggest making them kind of small, so your dog can eat it without a problem! 😀


This is what the treat looks like! 😀


A New Plan

Hi guys! 😀 It is 5:31 AM when I am writing this, because I have JET LAG. Anyways if you have seen my last post PLEASE comment saying what name I should use for the new series! I am here to talk about what the series is, so you can get the big picture! I will be making clothes for dogs in the series for photo shoots and if you want I can make a little skirt for you dog and if you do want something like a skirt for your dog it’s free :). I also will be making CAT and DOG toys! The toys will also be free! 🙂 I hope you guys will enjoy the next training treats! Want a little hint? Okay, okay! You can have one! Hint: Heeling. P.S If you are having a problem with your dog like he/she barks when ever they are walking and see a car or they are in a car and bark at all the cars! I have a post called K-9 Questions! It can help answer your questions! 🙂 Please donate to the SPCA, so more animals can have better homes! The more you donate the more room for animals and you save many lives every time you donate! PP.S The SPCA does not euthanize animals unless they are aggressive to people or have a sickness that can not be helped.malinois-and-border-collie-788032_640.jpg

Update and a NEW series!

Hi guys! It’s has been a while since I did  post! I am sorry, but let’s forget that stuff and say what’s happened! First: The foster kitten May and her brothers ADOPTED!!!! PARTYY!!      Second: Training Treats is on hold, because Scout might not have the abilities to limp. Third: I am thinking about a different logo for K-9 Kid Rescue! That’s all of the news I can think of for now.. WAIT!
I FORGOT! O_O  Scout Whisper: “Ruff ruff!! -barks-,” Oh… So that’s not happening?              -Scout barks- No, no, no, NO! We will NOT do that IDEA!!! -Scout growls- Scout  we can do that idea LATER. -Scouts howls and barks- OKAY!!! CHILL MRS. BARKSALOT!                       Okay… Scout told me tell you about a new series coming called… What’s it called Scout?      -Scout barks- Two letters Scout N O! We can do the show just not not called that! I mean Potty Time with Scout!? IT’S NOT ABOUT THAT!!! Even though that is an idea… Anyway the new show is about reviewing dogs things! 😀 Tell me what the name should be!

Three Foster Kittens One Foster Kitten :(

HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WORLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo everyone has seen the pictures of out three foster kittens! Well now its one foster kitten. D:  I know this is tragic for everyone. I feel horrible leaving them behind at the SPCA, but it was their future. If you don’t know the ones that got left behind at the SPCA it was Ice and Tiger.

Right now we have May and last timed we checked May she weighed 1.5 pounds, so she has some growing to do!

I will update you guys some more soon! 😉


The voices are telling me to snuggle you.

#BestNewsOfTheDay! :DDDDD

Good News Guys I Am Not Dead! :DDDDDD

First thing first PLZZZZZZ put in the comments of facebook or this blog #BestNewsOfTheDay!

Thank you! 😀


So the good news is that I have sighed a mini contract that means I will help out with our new FOSTERS!!!!!!! Okay, okay, so I do not have the foster puppies or kittens, but I will soon have a blog post about them! 😀 so tighten your seat belt we’re going for a RIDE!

Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Donate to the SPCA! (think about all the animals without homes!)