Hi there! My name is Carrie Reagler and I have a sister named Pearl Realger. I am the short one and Pearl is the tall one. Now this picture is very old. REALLY OLD. I think I was 4-5 when this was taken. So my looks have changed and so have Pearl’s so don’t expect a small child to be writing these posts. The one thing that hasn’t changed is that my sister is taller than me. -.-


This blog focuses on dogs, but we also do stuff with cats and other animals from time to time. My family and I foster animals for the SPCA, so if you are looking to adopt maybe you will find your forever doggo or cat here!

I work with my two dogs and try to learn anything I can about them. I mainly work with my dog Scout, because she is very complicated and needs more work than my other dog Cody. I also have a cat named Finn. He is wonderful.

I have recently been studying emotions in my dogs, so you may see some posts about that! If you have any questions or problems with your dog(s), maybe I can help. I have helped a few people and maybe you too one day! I also do training videos for tricks and a few other things. Hope you enjoy the blog!


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