12376621_10153530602396824_8175781420965975686_nOMG OMG OMG OMG FOSTER PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes we have some foster puppies from the SPCA!!!!

They are under weight for Spayed/Neutered so we are fostering them! 😀

The big problem is I woke up today at 4:30 to help them, because they were crying! 😦

I was happy to help the puppies though! There will be some pictures on my mom’s facebook!

Here is a link to it!


Happy Forever – Blue Heeler Update #4

Hi guys! I have some awesome news today!! P.S. I should of done this about 3-4 months ago…

Anyway BLUE GOT ADOPTED!!! I hope you guys remem……… FINN STOP CRYING I AM DOING A BLOG POST!!!

Sorry about that…..

What I was trying to say was…. I hope you guys remember Blue, or now know as Brownie!

Yes I am talking about the Blue Heeler dog that came to our streets looking for food and a life to live… Just me ok…….   Anyway he got ADOPTED!!!

By one of our neighbors. So I get to see Blue/Brownie every day well almost every day!

I talked with the owner a little and she said she can not get a leash on Brownie/Blue!


So I want to know what you think about Blue/Brownie’s fear of leashes is made of.

Here is what I think “Brownie/Blue was abused with a rope or even a leash from his old owner who just got so sick of Brownie/Blue and kicked him to the streets,” The reason I say abused with a rope or leash is because he has problems with ropes/leashes.

I hope you guys enjoyed this and soon I might post a photo of Brownie/Blue in his new home!

Our famous Stray!

Training Treats: Limp, Part 1

Hi guys! I have started one of the trickiest tricks to teach Scout– the limp. Because it’s complicated, I’ve divided it into parts. Enjoy part 1!

How To Own A Dog

A dog is easy to own as long as you have the right stuff for the right dog.

Here are the things you need:

  1. Money (You need money to help pay for your dog’s vet bills and food)
  2. Food
  3. Bowl
  4. Collar
  5. Leash
  6. Microchip (A microchip is one of the most needed things)
  7. A Yard (I would like a dog to always have a yard to play in)
  8. Spayed/Neutered
  9. Exercise
  10. Love
  11. Long term commitment
  12. Vaccines
  13. Time  (to spend with dog)

Here is a story about a Dachshund dog who seems like did not get all of these things. We first noticed him when I was working on some math, and he was casually trotting down the street. So, I went outside and called him, “Come on, boy. Come on.” He immediately came shaking his little booty over to me. Then he started to head to my neighborhor’s house so I went to their driveway and tried to coax him over to me. My mom came out with some treats and I tossed them over and he came closer. I saw that he had no collar, and he wasn’t neutered. Then he trotted into our yard like a spiffing little man and sat down. We kept tossing treats until he was eating out of our hand. My mom was trying to get the leash over his head.  We could never get him on the leash. But then he went through the bars on our fence right into our back yard. But then Cody and Scout opened the door on their own and came barreling out toward them like a tornado. He ran right back out of our gate. Sadly we were still not able to get the leash over his neck. The next day after horseback riding I said we should go look for him in the neighborhood. I actaully spotted in someone’s yard on the next street. My mom stopped the car but just then he barked at the door and SOMEONE opened it and let him in. So, this makes me think that this is is OWNER, and I am very unhappy about this. We have heard that other people have seen this dog wandering around the neighborhood. This is dangerous. When he was on our street, he was near what I call Blood Street where at least 2 animals have gotten killed. So, if he gets out again, I am taking him back to the owners and telling them they can not let their dog out to run around the neighoborhood without a leash. If it happens again, I will have to take the dog to a shelter because he needs a better owner.



This is the dog whose owner possibly let him roam into bad places


Training Treats 6: Bow

Hi Guys Here Is Training Treat’s Newest



Blue The Stray Dog Update#3

Sup guys. It’s Carrie with a update on Bluey Blue. AKA Blue The Stray Dog. This is the good news blue got pretty close to me and my mom so by the end he was following us for HAM


HAM PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And he also likes Squeaky TOYS!!!  Anyway you must be thinking “why did’t you lead blue in your backyard!!!!??????????” Because we need to bond so he won’t be as scared. Here are some photos of blue the dog.


This is Blue when we were treating him to HAM!!!!


Blue here is following us for HAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blue Heeler! Update#2

Hi guys!! Oops I forgot to change my writing to blue!! There we go! Ok guys so you should know from the title what this blog post is about!! The Blue Heeler! And I have very very good news! The Blue Heeler AKA Blue came up to me but I was about 5 or 6 feet away!! so that means maybe Blue likes me!! And maybe I can some how get Blue into my backyard!! Now in this post I have a real photo of Blue!! so take a look!!!! After you read the post!!! so I am sure that blue is a boy and that Blue is afraid of dogs and most people. Here is some bad news;(. sadly Blue has still no home that I know of. And here is something interesting there are some new stray dogs!! And no Blue is not part of there pack. One of the new strays my mom saw was a big fluffy white dog I forgot what I think the breed of that dog is but the stray dog is surely must be soft with all that fluffy fur!! And the other one seemed to be Pit Bull mix. I hope you guys enjoyed this update, and I will see you guys later!


This is Blue the real stray in our paws!!

Blue Heeler Update #1

Hi guys!!!! I am back with the Blue Heeler dog. And no, sadly the dog is not in my back yard. So I have bad and good news on the dog!! The good news is the dog is still here within our neighborhood! And the dog also is in our front yard under a palm tree!! This is the bad news. If his owner is seeing these posts that we have put on Facebook they are not here to get the dog. I guess the dog is unwanted, sadly. I believe the potato gods must be angry because the dog does not have a home. Please help me name this pooch and if you won’t I think Blue is a good name for the dog. Please share your thoughts about the dog’s name in the comments.


This Dog is not the stray dog we have you will soon see real photos of the real stray dog in our paws

Blue Heeler Day

Blue Heeler

Blue Heeler (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi guys, I don’t have too much time to write because I am watching a stray dog. Here are the facts I have about the dog.

  1.  Breed.  Blue Heeler.
  2.  Gender. We think it’s a Boy.
  3. Owner.   ???????????????
  4.  Bad/Evil. ???????????
  5.   Collar.   No.                                                                                                                                                                     Hope You guys like this. I will try to update you on this stray. And in fact i will tell you where she is right now as i am typing this.
  6. ………………….
  7. Ok the dog is not in sight but please tell me in the comment place what i should name this sad stray!

Escapist Lab Dog

What is up, guys! It’s me Carrie! And something I have to say. There is a newish Lab here in my neighborhood.  The problem is that the Lab keeps Escaping!  The dog so far is harmless. I have been in one encounter with the Lab, and Cody my dog was involved. So here is the story.

I was walking Cody down the street and all the sudden the big fat Lab appeared and started to bark. Cody and me turned around and walked home, and I never saw the Lab outside his fence. Until now.

That is so far the whole story. So in honor of the Lab’s escaping skills we will call the Lab Houdini.


This is a Dog that looks like a Lab