A New Plan

Hi guys! 😀 It is 5:31 AM when I am writing this, because I have JET LAG. Anyways if you have seen my last post PLEASE comment saying what name I should use for the new series! I am here to talk about what the series is, so you can get the big picture! I will be making clothes for dogs in the series for photo shoots and if you want I can make a little skirt for you dog and if you do want something like a skirt for your dog it’s free :). I also will be making CAT and DOG toys! The toys will also be free! 🙂 I hope you guys will enjoy the next training treats! Want a little hint? Okay, okay! You can have one! Hint: Heeling. P.S If you are having a problem with your dog like he/she barks when ever they are walking and see a car or they are in a car and bark at all the cars! I have a post called K-9 Questions! It can help answer your questions! 🙂 Please donate to the SPCA, so more animals can have better homes! The more you donate the more room for animals and you save many lives every time you donate! PP.S The SPCA does not euthanize animals unless they are aggressive to people or have a sickness that can not be helped.malinois-and-border-collie-788032_640.jpg

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