Ancestors Of The Dog Part 1

Hello guys this is me. Well you know it is me. I am here to talk about dogs and there Ancestors. Here is a photo of a wolf, one of dogs Ancestors.          Featured imageA wolf is a very amazing animal. They live with a pack and they take care of the young. Also they come in different colors of coats. Most photos i have seen of wolves look like the wolf on the photo here. But they can come in all black and all white and maybe other colors. Come back to see the next part of this blog.

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  • marf50  On August 3, 2015 at 9:35 pm

    Carrie, I am reading a wonderful book by a native American. She talks about animals and nature who keep her happy every day. She wrote about a pack of wolves who came to miners every day while they ate their lunch. They fed them bologna sandwiches. Of course, WE SHOULD NOT DO THIS! We know better, don’t we? But the wolves in that territory still like leftover “human” foods.

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