Puppy Recruits

cody and scout

Puppies and dogs can be recruits too!

HELLO!!! Guys or should i say puppy recruits. Yes you will be a puppy recruit. But how do get in? Well i will tell you. The first question is what is the puppy recruits? You are a person  but you are called a puppy recruit and that means you are a member of k-9 kid rescue. But how do you get in still? you can do a movie of you and your dog or dogs and fan art and send it to us and you will get in. But you won’t get in immediately. But there is a big rule you can’t say can i get in. hope you a great day puppy recruits.

To join puppy recruits, share your video or fan art as a comment OR email to Baba at rreagler at gmail.com

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