Lucky Dog

This post is going to be on dogs that can be very lucky. Sometimes. We saw a white German shepherd wearing a harness this week. It wasn’t the type of harness that sled dogs wear; it was the type that helps you walk your dog. It was a pink harness so it was probably a girl dog. It ran into the back of a temple. We actually saw the dog when we were waiting at a red light, and suddenly it ran across the street, all at once, zig-zagging away from cars. When the red light turned green, and we had dropped off Scout and bought some toys, we started looking for the dog with the harness. We found it with some people who had a bone and a leash. It turns out it was their neighbor’s dog. My mom Marcia asked, do you know who this dog belongs to? A teenage boy said this dog is the type of dog that likes to be free a lot. That’s all we know. But we will post a picture at the bottom of these words.

by Carrie, age 7

white shepherd

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