All about Scout

me and my dog Scout

Scout is 8 months old. She is very crazy and seems not to know a thing about anything in the world except that everything it does is a game (which may not always be true). That is why it is so hard to get Scout’s leash on. When you take the leash out of the closet, Scout jumps up and grabs the end that you aren’t holding. She starts tugging on it like it’s a game of tug of war. This really drives me crazy. Once you finally get her leash on, she turns her head and grabs the leash and starts tugging at it again. It feels like you’re not walking her but she is walking herself! Which is a ridiculous thought indeed.

We have two dogs, Scout and Cody. We feed them at the same time but separately, Scout, outside and Cody, inside. The reason is that whenever you let Scout in, she pushes Cody away like he’s a hamster and eats all his food. Then she goes back to her bowl and eats all her food too. And so that proves that my puppy has absolutely no manners whatsoever.

a pure bred Rhodesian Ridgeback

Scout is a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are dogs bred to hunt lions in South Africa. Scout is not a pure bred Rhodesian Ridgeback because she is way too small and her ridge is not wide enough or straight enough. Rhodesian Ridgebacks are very strong dogs. Scout is strong too, especially her teeth. Here’s a list of things that Scout can chew:






and possibly steel

I hope you have enjoyed this information about my puppy.

by Pearl

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