A Book that Pearl and Carrie Like

Last night Mom read me and Carrie a book about a stray dog. Carrie and I really liked it. It’s called The Dog Who Belonged to No One. It’s about a small stray dog with crooked ears and the girl who finds him. The girl finds the dog on a rainy day. She feeds the dog and makes him her friend. One reason I enjoyed this story is because it’s about a little girl helping a stray dog. I think that’s a very special thing to do. My favorite part of this book is the end because it ends very happily with the girl telling the dog stories and having fun with him. One of the reasons I think the girl helped the dog is because she knew the dog would help her a lot in return. The reason I like to rescue dogs is because it’s fun and you’ll have an extra friend in the house!

by Pearl

I like this book because the puppy is cute. I like the girl. I was glad that the dog found the porch and came to live with the girl and her family.  I like the parents because they didn’t have to let her keep the dog but they did.

by Carrie

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