The 25 Minutes of my Life I’ll Never Get Back

Once me and my sister Carrie thought that we could attract stray dogs and other animals if we put a bowl of dog food out in the front yard. We put the dog food bowl out and took turns standing guard. Soon I realized that this was way too boring to do for a long amount of time. I moved the food bowl close to one of the cars, and Carrie and I got the keys and opened the car door and got in. We sat their for ten minutes. We brought our dog Cody outside with us hoping he would either attract stray dogs or lead us to them.

The bad part was that Cody got away. We went chasing after him, and as usual he bulletted straight for the big abandoned field. When I turned the corner I saw Cody with another dog and his size. I called for Carrie to get the dogfood bowl. She started to run back to our yard. Then I saw another dog come out of the bushes. It was a pure bred doberman pinscher, or at least that’s what it looked like. By the time Carrie got back both strays had disappeared.

I took 5 steps into the field and set the bowl down. In the afternoon I came back and our plan had backfired.  There were animals eating the dog food, but they were fire ants.  So, I had to dump the whole thing and flick off the ants.  I brought the empty bowl home and mom asked, “Did they eat it?”  I told her what had happened.

And, so people, please don’t leave a bowl of dog food in a field from morning to afternoon.

by Pearl

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  • marf50  On May 11, 2015 at 1:59 pm

    How did I miss this one? Good advice . . . I won’t do that. In my neighborhood and back yard, I think–I KNOW–the squirrels and chipmunks would devour it before the ants had a chance at it. Oh, maybe some birds, too . . . if the blackbirds come, other birds watch for their chance, but won’t disturb the blackbirds. Makes me mad that they’re so rude to the smaller birds. OHHH! sorry, this blog is about DOGS!! (And we don’t have one–yet!)

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