Pup Squad’s Pups

This story I wrote first was published on Baba’s blog.

At Saturday afternoon my whole family was in our car. My mom Marcia was driving us to Pup Squad. We arrived there. I went inside Pup Squad’s adoption center. After looking at Pup Squad’s puppies, I got to talk to Fran. I asked Fran how old was Pup Squad. She said 4 years old.  Also Fran told me how she loved dogs.

Carrie Pup Squad 811 002

I’m talking to Fran, the Pup Squad leader.

Fran is the person who helped us adopt our two dogs, Cody and Scout.

Carrie Pup Squad 811 005

Christy was very nice.

After I stopped talking to Fran about Pup Squad, I talked to another volunteer named Christy. She joined Pup Squad in January 2009. At home Christy has a mama dog that is sick is going to get healthy.

Then when I finally finished interviewing Christy, I went to go look at these dogs. How fantastic they were!

Carrie Pup Squad 811 015

Oh but this dog looks like our dog Scout. Except for the purple shirt!

I looked over to a window and there I saw another puppy. It was off to the side, almost in a corner maybe. I walked over to the strange dog, but I liked it a lot.

I walked over as quickly as I could. I asked Christy if I could play with this dog. She said the puppy might want to sit on the couch with you.

Carrie Pup Squad 811 020

Carrie Pup Squad 811 019

I think she liked me too!

Carrie Pup Squad 811 013

A Pup Squad puppy waits to be adopted.

The end.

By Carrie, age 6

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  • rreagler  On September 30, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    We could meet you downtown and show you the warehouse where they do the adoptions.

  • Soft Sloth  On September 17, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    It’s really cool that you talked to the leader of Pup Squad. I want to go to pup squad with my mom soon.

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