Spots’ Spin

One day I was outside in my back yard, and you’ll never believe what I saw through the gate. A big boxer dog jumped on the innocent mail carrier. (The reason? It is natural for dogs to be not such close friends with mail carriers, if you know what I mean.) Apparently mail carriers are prepared for these situations. So she took out her mace and with one spray the dog jumped off her.  The boxer trotted over to our neighbor’s car and sat underneath it for two hours or so. My sister Carrie and I stared at the boxer all that time. There was another dog with the boxer, a dog who would soon go by the name of Spots. He was small, white with a few black spots on his back. The markings on his face looked like a mask.

Soon the boxer drowsily got up and walked around the neighborhood with Spots at  his heels. Suddenly a man walking his dog, another boxer, if you can believe that, turned down our street. To my mom’s horror, another larger pack of stray dogs came up behind them. The stray boxer and Spots distracted the pack of dogs, and then the pack circled around Spots and the stray boxer which gave the man time to break away from both packs. When he got to our yard, Mom said, “Do you need any help?” The man said, “They won’t bother you if you ignore them, but the bigger pack is meaner than the small pack.” He walked to the end of dead-end street and went back the way he came. By the time the man and his dog left, the big pack was gone. Soon the smaller pack left as well.

The next morning I opened up the door and saw Spots at our neighbor’s house. The neighbors had left out a food bowl, and all the food was gone. I thought about trying to help him, so I went to get Mom and Carrie. I asked them to bring the leash. We slipped the leash over the stray’s head, dragged him through the house, and put him in the back yard. We needed to go to a doctor’s appointment that morning, and when we came back Spots had squeezed through the bars in the gate and went back to our neighbor’s house. He stared up at us innocently. We tried to put the leash back on him, but he started barking like a mad dog. We still didn’t know if this dog was healthy, and Mom said we shouldn’t take any chances.

A few hours later Carrie and I went out to play in the front yard. We running around chasing each other. Then Spots ran over to see what we were doing. And dear readers, I am afraid I’m going to have dedicate this next sentence to my dog Cody. So here it is: Cody was in the back yard, and if it wasn’t for him we never would have rescued Spots because he started barking like crazy and that made both of them want to play. They started running back and forth together on either side of gate. Even though they were running really fast, Mom was able to slip the leash on Spots. We got him inside and put him in the crate.

Mom said that we should take him to the vet immediately. The vet looked at him all over, she even scanned him for a microchip. He didn’t have a microchip, but he was very healthy. We took him home and played with him for a little bit.

After a few days we started to realize something. The puppy was aggressive, kind of mean. He hated cats, and we have two of them. He hated people besides us, our babysitter, and my friend Eliza. And he hated dogs, except for himself. And when we finally placed him, he got in a fight with his new family’s dog, and so we had to take him back. I don’t know why but when he came back from that family, he was very skinny and you could count his ribs. After another day or two we put him in a shelter, and he was adopted into a family with no cats, no dogs, and no kids. We hope he’s doing well!

by Pearl, age 8

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  • Soft Sloth  On September 17, 2012 at 3:24 pm

    I liked all your stories a lot. My mommy kept asking if it was done and I kept making her go away because I wanted to keep reading.

  • Squid Mustard  On September 12, 2012 at 4:41 pm

    What a journey, Pearl! He’s so young and already has had such an interesting life. I hope he likes his new family, too. Good work rescuing him.

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